Protect Your Second Amendment Rights

Protect Your Second Amendment Rights

We take cases involving firearm law in Norristown, PA

If your gun was confiscated in violation of your rights, talk to a Second Amendment attorney in Norristown, PA. As a fierce advocate for the Second Amendment, Michael P. Gottlieb will fight to restore your rights when a firearm has been taken away unjustly.

Michael P. Gottlieb is a member of the NRA and the national shooting team. He’ll work tirelessly to restore your rights to gun ownership. Our firm handles issues involving:

  • Expungements
  • Pardons
  • Gun crime defense

You should know that the process to restore your rights can be both extensive and expensive. Call 610-279-4200 today to get started on the gun rights restoration process in Norristown, PA.

We’ll help you understand the appeals process

We work hard for people who have had their gun rights taken away due to a criminal matter or mental health issues. Attorney Gottlieb has successfully litigated these cases against the state police, resulting in the restoration of firearms rights. While the appeals process can be confusing and complex, we can help.

Learn more about firearm laws in Norristown, PA by contacting Michael P. Gottlieb today.