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Attorney Michael P. Gottlieb

Michael P. Gottlieb

Attorney at Law

I know people are passionate about protecting their constitutional rights because I feel the same way. As a Pennsylvania gun owner and a member of a national shooting team, I have the pleasure of meeting many people who believe their Second Amendment rights are important. In our current political climate, it has become commonplace for your individual rights to come under attack. That's why I focus my legal career on standing up for my clients and protecting their constitutional rights. Whether it's a firearm rights case, defense against criminal charges like drug possession or a DUI, injuries from auto accidents, or family law cases — whatever the cause, I won't shy away from advocating for my clients in the courtroom. Regardless of the legal challenges you may be facing, let me go to battle for you.


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A lot of attorneys talk about what they can do, but I can back it up with my winning track record. I will work hard to help you pursue the best possible outcome for your case.

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Defending my clients is something I am passionate about. I will not back down from a fight against any opposition, even in the most difficult cases.

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I prioritize making myself available to my clients so that I can answer any questions about their case and listen to their concerns. I'll explain your case and help you understand your options.

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Safeguarding Your Freedoms is Part of My Job

I love the work that I do because I feel very strongly about protecting the individual rights and freedoms of my clients. Too often people are victimized by the criminal justice system in our country, and in many cases, it happens because they did not choose the right attorney to defend them. Don't make the same mistake. Put an experienced, determined attorney in your corner to stand up for you.

Firearms have become a heavily-debated issue in our society, and battle lines are being drawn on both sides. If you are a Pennsylvania gun owner, you have the right to speak up to defend your constitutional rights when they are being threatened.

As a fellow gun owner, a strong believer in gun rights, and a knowledgeable firearms right attorney, I will be your strongest ally when your privileges come under attack. If you feel your gun rights have been violated, I will work together with you to move toward a fair and just solution for your case.

In addition to defending the rights of firearm owners, I also provide criminal defense services for individuals facing a variety of charges, from drug offenses, DUI arrests, and more. Charges do not equal convictions, and you still have the right to a fair and qualified legal defense in your case after an arrest. If you are in Norristown, Philadelphia, or any of the surrounding areas in Montgomery County, PA, and you have been charged with a crime, you can rely on me to give you committed legal representation.

If you have suffered personal injuries as a result of an auto accident and are seeking financial compensation to help cover your medical bills and lost wages, or if you require legal counsel for divorce proceedings, child custody battle, or other family legal matters, I'm also an experienced personal injury and family law attorney.

To put my dedicated legal services to work on your case, call me — Michael P. Gottlieb — today to schedule your case consultation at my Norristown, Pennsylvania office.