Get the Resources Your Child Needs

Get the Resources Your Child Needs

Create a child support agreement in Norristown, PA

Raising a child is never cheap. You have to pay for school supplies, clothes, food and medical care. It's difficult for a single parent to foot the bill on their own. That's why child support agreements are so important. Michael P. Gottlieb has been helping Norristown, PA clients navigate child support proceedings for years. He knows how to fight for your best interests and gather the information you need for you case.

Meet with Michael P. Gottlieb today to go over your legal situation. He takes on clients in Norristown, PA and is familiar with the local court system.

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The help you need at a competitive rate

If you're struggling financially, you need child support more than ever. Michael P. Gottlieb knows that. That's why he offers competitive hourly rates. You'll know how much you're spending to make sure that you don't go over your budget.

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