The area of criminal law in Pennsylvania is constantly evolving. An example of the changes in Pennsylvania Law is the change in the driving under the influence laws enacted by the Pennsylvania legislature and made effective on February 1, 2004. The change dramatically changed the previous law in implementing a three tiered level of blood alcohol (BAC) levels with specific penalty provisions for people caught driving while impaired. DUI penalties

Mr. Gottlieb keeps up with all of the current changes in Pennsylvania and Federal criminal statutes and case law. With many years of experience in criminal trials, his efforts to provide the best criminal defense for his clients are thoroughly backed. He strives to maintain a high degree of professionalism, through knowledge of the intricacies of state and federal criminal laws, and his years of experience in the field to best serve his clients.

Firearms Rights
Do you want to own a firearm? Do you want a concealed carry license? The appeal process from these denials is complex and confusing to many people, even to some lawyers. Mr. Gottlieb has successfully litigated these cases against the State Police resulting in restoration of firearms rights to his clients.

NFA Trusts, LLCs and Corporations
If your Chief Law Enforcement Officers will not sign your NFA paperwork we can help. Why not form a trust, LLC or Corporation?

Mental Health Expungements and Appeals
If you have ever been involuntarily committed your firearms rights have been affected. Along with our experts we can help restore your rights. The process is complex and time consuming. We have experience all across the Commonwealth in persuading the Courts to expunge commitments and restore firearms rights.

Return of Property
Michael has successfully filed petitions to force the government to return seized property. He can file a petition on your behalf to force the government to return your property , money and guns.

Personal Injury
Mr. Gottlieb has vast experience in handling personal injury cases including auto accident cases, motorcycle accident cases, slip and fall cases, and products liability cases. He has the knowledge and experience you can count on to properly evaluate your case, prepare your case for trial, and professionally and competently present your case at trial. He will aggressively advocate for you and see to it that you are adequately compensated when you are injured by the negligence of others.

He will not attempt to settle your case for less than it is worth and you can be confident that he will advocate zealously with your interest in mind. Mr. Gottlieb routinely confers with experts so that you can rest assured that he will secure the best possible result in your case.

When Mr. Gottlieb consults with you about your personal injury case, the initial consultation is free of charge. If you decide to retain him as your lawyer in your personal injury case, you will not be required to pay unless he is successful in obtaining a recovery for you. He encourages you to contact him at your convenience to discuss your case. Your confidence means a great deal to Mr. Gottlieb and he will fight for your rights to secure that assurance in our handling of your case.

Family Law
Mr. Gottlieb has successfully litigated many child support, child custody, equitable distribution, and divorce cases. His office is conveniently located directly across the street from the Montgomery County Court House and next door to the Family Court of Montgomery County. Because the hourly rates he charges are very competitive with other family law practitioners, and because of the unique location next door to Family Court and across the street from the Court House, his family law clients often pay less in counsel fees than the other party in the litigation.

Mr. Gottlieb realizes that someone who is going through a separation and divorce is quite possibly dealing with the most difficult time in one's life and that emotions run high. He promises to advocate zealously on your behalf, but he will not recommend extensive and often expensive litigation in a case in which it is not required. Mr. Gottlieb's goal in representing you is to provide the best proper legal representation at a time when you may be emotionally vulnerable, while at all times attempting to minimize your expense, embarrassment, and the devastating effects the a separation and divorce may have. Mr. Gottlieb is an experienced trial attorney and has the ability to litigate vigorously on your behalf, if the circumstances call for it.

Support - Issues of child support, spousal support, and alimony arise in virtually all domestic cases. These issues are governed by the Pennsylvania Support Guidelines. You should have an experienced advocate, such as Mr. Gottlieb, who understands how to decipher the Pennsylvania Support Guidelines on your side to protect your rights as you go through the support proceedings.

Custody - Issues of child custody can be the most emotional and acrimonious problems that the parties to a divorce will encounter. The standard for child custody disputes is the "best interest of the child." Mr. Gottlieb is experienced in resolving child custody cases where possible and in effectively litigating a custody case where it is necessary.

Divorce - In Pennsylvania, grounds for a no-fault divorce are either two years of separation, or mutual consent of the parties. Difficult conflicts often arise in determining how the marital assets are divided. The process is called equitable distribution. There are many factors that are considered in determining an appropriate division of property in a divorce, and Mr. Gottlieb is skilled in recognizing the issues and crafting arguments to serve your interests.

Workers Compensation
If you have been injured at work, you may have thought that your employer would have taken care of you because of your years of devoted work for them. Don't be surprised when, after a work injury, your employer is now treating you like you are a stranger. Mr. Gottlieb knows what you are facing because he has helped people just like you, who have been in the same position, facing the same problems that you are now facing. Don't let your employer or your employer's worker's compensation insurer take advantage of you. They do not have your best interest in mind.

If you are injured at work in Pennsylvania, you have rights under the Pennsylvania Worker's Compensation Act. Under the Pennsylvania Worker's Compensation Act you have the right to have your medical bills for treatment of your work injury paid and you have the right to wage loss benefits if you are unable to work because of your work injury. In certain circumstances you may be entitled to specific loss benefits and payments if you are disfigured.

If you are already receiving workers compensation benefits because of a work injury and your employer, or its worker's compensation insurance carrier, sends you to see one of their doctors, they may be trying to terminate your benefits, which will leave you without any income. The term IME stands for independent medical examination. If the IME is scheduled at the request of your employer's worker's compensation insurance carrier, it may not be independent. In some cases these physicians are selected by the insurance company to give them the opinion they need to terminate your worker's compensation benefits. You should contact Mr. Gottlieb's office to find out what your rights are when this happens. Usually, an IME requested by the employer's insurance company will result in the filing of a Petition to Terminate Worker's Compensation Benefits, which must be litigated before a Worker's Compensation Judge.

It is important that you speak with an experienced attorney, such as Mr. Gottlieb, early in the process so that your rights are not compromised.

Business Law
Mr. Gottlieb represents a number of local small businesses. If you want to start a small business, Mr. Gottlieb can assist you in this regard. He can explain to you the advantages and disadvantages of incorporating, forming a limited liability company, establishing a partnership, or sole proprietorship. He can also assist you in dissolving your business whether by agreement or forced dissolution. Mr. Gottlieb's experience in these areas can help you through all phases of forming, maintaining, or dissolving a small business.

Municipal Law
For a period of over fifteen years, Mr. Gottlieb was involved with municipal work under the tutelage of Paul C. Vangrossi, the long-time Solicitor of the Borough of Norristown. In this capacity, he was involved extensively in reviewing and approving land development plans, zoning problems, building code enforcement, municipal legislation and other real estate concerns.

Wills & Trusts/Orphans Court Litigation
Mr. Gottlieb has a great deal of experience in preparing wills and trusts. Most people want to have a will so that when they die their property will be divided among their family members as they wish. A trust is where your property is being held by a third party when you die for the benefit of one of your heirs. This can be desirable when the person receiving the gift is very young.

Orphan's Court litigation arises when there is a dispute over the terms of a will or the circumstances of how the will was prepared and signed. There may have been "undue influence" over the decedent at the time the will was prepared and signed. Mr. Gottlieb can explain what these terms mean and what the consequences are when this happens.

If the executor of the will is not complying with the terms of the will or is "self dealing," there are things you can do to stop this. Contact Mr. Gottlieb to see what remedies are available when this is happening to you.